Clay County, Iowa policies, resolutions and ordinances.

  Clay County, Iowa - Policies, Resolutions & Ordinances

2008 ADA Grievance Procedure
Privacy Notice
Clay County Financial Reporting Policy
Voting System Security Policy-Revised March 29, 2016
VPN Policy
Investment Policy
Substance Abuse Policy for Employees Covered by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin
2016-01  County Engineer Designated, Authorized & Empowered
2016-02  Determine Depositories for Public Funds belonging to Clay County
2016-03  Designate Depositories for Clay Co Conservation, Recorder & Sheriff
2016-04  Construction Evaluation for Master Matrix
2016-05  Approve Recomendation of Clay Co Compensation Board
2016-06  Order for Noxious Weed Control on Roadside Pursuant to IA Code 317
2016-07  Revise Clay Co 2016 Five Year Road Program
2016-08  Reduced Level of Maintenance to Area Service "C" Road
2016-09  Approve County Budget Assistance
2016-10  Approve Amend to NW Planning & Dev Administration of Autumn Center
2016-11  Amend Approval of Funding for Economic Development
2016-12  Approve New Fashion Pork 4400 Head Swine Cofinement Building
2016-13  Approve M & C Anderson Pullets Dry Manure Building
2016-14  Amend Approval of Funding for Economic Development
2016-15  Local Match for State of Iowa Recreational Trails Program
2016-16  Authorizing Dedication of Trail to Public Use & Commitment to Care & Maint.
2016-17  Appropriations for Co Officers & Depts for Fiscal Year Beginning July 1, 2016
2016-18  Approve Funding for Economic Developement for Fiscal Year 2017
2016-19  Fix Hearing Date for General Obligation Refunding Loan Agreement for Jail
2016-20  Appoint Deputy Auditor
2016-21  Approve 5.2 Jake Brake Ordinance
2016-22  Add 5.2 Jake Brake Ordinance to County Code of Ordinances
2016-23  Approve Bond Purchase Agreement for General County Funding of County Jail
2016-24  Approve NSC Site Construction Permit Application from Shane Carlson
2016-25  Approve Loan Agreement forGeneral Obligation Refunding Bonds for Jail
2016-26  Support Efforts to Address Needs of Persons w/ Behavioral Health Issues in Jail
2016-27  Approval of Bravo Farms, LLC Confinement Bldgs Construction Application
2016-28  Approving Annexation of Property into City of Spencer
2016-29  Support for Adoption of Pioneer Cemetery Commission
2016-30  Ordinance 1.8 Addition to the Code of Ordinances
2016-31  Establishment of Area Service "B" Roads
2016-32  Provide Consent for Spencer's Colleciton &Use of Local Option for Urban Renew
2016-33  Authorize App to IA Federal Recreational Program & Commit to Local Match
2015-01  Co Engineer Designated, Authorized & Empowered
2015-02  Determine Depositories for Public Fund Belonging to Clay County
2015-03  Designate Depositories for Clay Co Conservation, Recorder & Sheriff
2015-04  Construction Evaluation for Master Matrix
2015-05  Appoint Deputies for Recorder & Treasurer
2015-06  Approve Full Time Assistant County Attorney
2015-07  Encourage Implementation of Long Term Transportation Funding (ISACA)
2015-08  Mitigation of Converted Farmed Wetlands in Areas of Drainage Districts Policy
2015-09  Approve New Fashion Pork 4400 Head Swine Confinement Application
2015-10  Approve Co General Relief Ordinance 1.4 - 7. Burial Amendment
2015-11  Add General Relief Ord 1.4 - 7. Burial to 2013 Clay Co Code of Ordinances
2015-12  Revise Clay Co 2015 Five Year Road Program
2015-13  Request Assistance of NW Iowa Planning & Dev Staff for Zoning Administration
2015-14  Appoint County Attorney
2015-15  Approve Full-time Assistant County Attorney
2015-16  Amend & Restate Electronic Transactions Clearinghouse 28 E Agreements
2015-17  Appoint Deputy Sheriff
2015-18  Pledge Support for Legal Defense of Drainage Districts in BV, Calhoun & Sac
2015-19  Support Iowa Great Lakes Connection Trail Project
2015-20  Request Assistance of NW Planning & Dev for Season Center Block Grant
2015-21  Approve Burr Oak Growers, LLP Remington Site Construction Application
2015-22  Approve Burr Oak Growers, LLP Lincoln Site Construction Application
2015-23  Appropriations for County Officers & Departments for FY2016
2015-24  Approve Funding for Economic Development for FY2016
2015-25  Set Hearing for Issuance of $2,325,000 Local Option Tax Bonds for Clay Fair
2015-26  Authorizing Issuance & Securing Payment of $2,325,000 Local Option Bonds
2015-27  Approve Ordinance 5.1 All Terrain & Off-Road Utility Vehicles
2015-28  Add  5.1 All Terrain Ordinance to 2013 Clay County Code of Ordinances
2015-29  Establishment of Area Service "B" Roads
2015-30  Establishing Polices RE: Residential Anti-Displacement & Relocation Assistance


Clay County Code of Ordinances
Clay County Code of Ordinances Supplement


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