Boards or Committees the Clay County Supervisors serve on for 2008.

Clay County, Iowa -  Board of Supervisor Committees

Committees Board of Supervisors serve on:
3rd Judicial District Department of Correctional Services:
Board of Health:
Five member board, dealing with health issues in the county; offers home health care.
Chief Elected Official - Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) Board:
Clay County Conservation Board
* Matthews
Clay County Convention & Visitor's Board
Clay County Emergency Management Service:
This service is charged with the overall mission of protecting Clay County's citizens and their property from the effects of natural, manmade and technological disasters.  To accomplish this mission, this committee uses four phases of emergency management: Preparedness, Response, Recovery and Mitigation.
*Chalstrom, Swanson
Clay County Housing Trust Fund:
Organized to ensure that Clay County residents have access to well-maintained, safe and affordable housing in both the rural and urban areas of the county.  The Fund will provide economic assistance to low income residents through grants and low interest loans.
*Anderson, Matthews
Clay County Regional Events Center
*Brockshus, Matthews
Clay County Revolving Loan Fund Committee:
This board was formed to encourage economic development by assisting Clay County residents in establishing or enlarging their businesses.  It is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with other funding sources.
*Skow, Matthews
Communications Center:
*Anderson, Matthews
Compass Pointe  (NW Iowa Alcoholism and Drug Treatment Unit):
*Brockshus, Matthews
Courthouse & Courthouse Security:
Drug Court:
*Anderson, Skow
E-911 Board:
Early Childhood Empowerement (ECI)/DCAT
EMA Advisory Board:
EMS Council:
*Anderson, Swanson
Grievance Committee:
*Co. Attorney, Swanson
Mental Health Governance Board (NWICC)
Northwest Iowa Planning and Development:
Provides community and economic development and job training services for a nine county area.  The organization functions as an extension of member governments' staffs, providing the specialized services and technical assistance that would not be financially feasible for each governmental entity to provided on its own.
RC&D (Iowa Lakes Resource Conservation and Development):
Addresses natural and human resources and advances economic and social betterment for Northwest Iowa.  This program helps local people obtain and coordinate technical and financial assistance as needed from a variety of private, public and governmental sources.
Regional Transit Authority (RIDES):
Nine counties which provide rides to people in our county.
Revolving Fund Loan Committee
*Matthews, Skow
Seasons Center Community Health:
Eight county member of center; treatment for the mentally ill as outpatients.
*Brockshus, Matthews
Spencer Alliance for a Creative Economy (SPACE)
* Skow
Spencer Betterment
*Brockshus, Skow
Spencer Industries:
Spencer Municipal Airport Board of Trustees:
Upper Des Moines Opportunity Council:
Volunteer Network
YES Center (NW Iowa Youth Emergency Services Center):


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