Downloadable forms from the Clay County Zoning office.

  Clay County, Iowa - Zoning Forms

These forms are from the county Zoning office and are for general public use. These files have been created for your use and are in a PDF format. If you don't have a program that can read PDF files, please CLICK HERE to get the Adobe Reader. Other information may go here also as deemed needed by the Office Holder.

Zoning Forms:
Officially Adopted 2011 Clay County Zoning Ordinance
Home Occupation
Flood Plain Development Application
2011 Clay County Subdivision Regulations
2010 Clay County Comprehensive Land Use Program
Electrical Permit Requirements
Clay County Zoning Map 18x24 (2011)

Business Use Application: A-1 Agricultural

Business Use Application: R-1, R-2, R-3 Residential District

Sign Permit Application
General Guidelines for Reviewing Rezoning Requests
Heavy Industrial Use Application
Petition for Change in Zoning
Temporary Use Permit
Application for Variance
Zoning Compliance Permit


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